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The studio is located in downtown Winter Park on Vasquez Road and Highway 40
in the upstairs courtyard at Winter Park Station. Park in the upper lot and look for the green Yoga sign


Spring Equinox Circle with TJ Marie Sennstrom
Tuesday, March 20, 7-8:30 pm, $25, min 4

Honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year as day and night become harmonious and balanced. The themes of awakening, renewal, balance and nurture will be our guides. Movement and dance to be considered in clothing choice! Please bring a journal and item for temporary alter if you wish. Take away item included as always!. Sign Up Below

 Yoga Nidra: The Art of Relaxation with Cathy Franzese
Sunday, March 25, 5:00-6:00 pm, $20, min 4
Experience the practice of ultimate surrender. Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a systematic method of complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation that targets our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs. It is a body-centered form of Pratyahara, or withdrawal from the senses, intended to create full-body relaxation, receptivity and an effortless openness to change. This workshop begins with a light asana practice to open, ease and help to bring stillness into the body, as well as a brief explanation of Sankalpa - our heartfelt desire - and its role in the Yoga Nidra practice. The practice itself is a series of guided visualization and relaxation techniques which will move you beyond the conditioned mind into expanded states of consciousness and self-awareness. Sign Up Below

 Sound Healing/Peace Love Gong with Jill Brasile
Tuesday, March 27, 7:00-8:30 pm, $20, min 4
Experience the incredible healing effects of the Gong in this gentle yoga class. Emphasis is placed on breath awareness, cultivating positive mind states, and developing a sense of balance and lightness of being. We begin with gentle asanas, followed by yoga nidra in preparation for the healing vibrations of the Gong. Jill invites students to relax and allow the vibrations of the gong to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. Dress comfortably and in layers.

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MOUNTAIN MOON YOGA is excited to announce:

Have you wanted to deepen your practice – learning how to work with your body and mind for the rest of your life? Do you want to challenge yourself and discover what you are capable of? Have you been looking for a community of like-minded spirits? Have you thought about becoming a yoga teacher but not sure you want to teach?
Our Yoga Immersions are the answer! In-depth trainings with International Educators in Winter Park, Colorado offered throughout the year. Completed hours may be applied to our 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training (Certified by Yoga Alliance internationally through the Center for Natural Living,, toward Continuing Education hours (CE’s) or for personal enrichment.

In these Immersions we will:
·  Chant, practice, meditate
·  Explore physical and subtle body (chakra) Anatomy
·  Discover the many benefits of poses
·  Develop sequencing techniques
·  Learn verbal and hands on adjustments, modifications

The information will help deepen your practice; assist in living a happy, healthy life; or build your teaching skills. Appropriate for all levels.

Yoga Anatomy with Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones
OUR TWO GIRDLES: The Shoulder and the Pelvis
Sunday, March 18, 1-5 pm, $60, min 4

Explore the intricacies of connective tissue, movement, anatomy and yoga postures using the body's 2 most structurally dynamic yet stable areas.

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Explore the Elements in the Andes
May 12-19, 2018
Yoga, Meditation & Andean Spirituality Retreat in Peru
Deepen your connection to the natural world in the Sacred Valley of Peru through Hatha Yoga & Meditation, Andean Spiritual Rituals, and harmonizing with the energy of ancient Inca sites including the magnificent Machu Picchu. 

Click here for 2018 details. Peru2018.pdf
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Additional Services
Private sessions available

Yoga (Margaret 970.726.5786)
Massage (Vanessa 360.742.9471)