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The studio is located in downtown Winter Park on Vasquez Road and Highway 40
in the upstairs courtyard at Winter Park Station. Park in the upper lot and look for the green Yoga sign.


Hot Yoga Workshop with Krysty Bosse
Saturday, March 14, 10:30 am-12:00 noon, $25, min 4/max 15
Learn the joy of (and science behind) practicing a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a humid room that is heated to 100°. This low-impact, meditative series is designed to work every muscle, joint and organ while supporting all systems and functions of the body. Additional benefits include injury prevention/recovery, improved focus, detoxification and so much more! Come hydrated. Bring a towel and water bottle, and remember: yeah, it’s hot...but it is still just yoga. Let’s have some fun! Register Below.

  Equinox Detox ~ Twist & Release with Cathy Franzese
Saturday March 21, 10:00-11:30am, $30, min 4/max 15

Let’s welcome the arrival of spring together! An incredible time to detox and kick start the internal systems of our body after a long, cold winter. In this 90 minute workshop we will detox our bodies through an asana practice focused on spinal rotation in a heated room (85°). We will learn how to twist safely, with precision and awareness, so that we can experience the detoxifying, tension releasing, and invigorating effects throughout our physical, mental & emotional states of being. This will be playful and fun! Some yoga experience is recommended, but not required. Register Below.

  New Moon Yoga Nidra with Cathy Franzese
Sunday, March 22, 5:30-7:00 pm, $25
Space is limited to 13 people, all are welcome!
This is an opportunity to experience the art of Relaxation and effortless manifestation. The New Moon is a powerful time to plant seeds of intention, while the practice of Yoga Nidra allows us to sow and nourish those seeds into fruition. Yoga Nidra, or divine yogic sleep, is a systematic method of complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation that targets our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs. It is a body-centered form of Pratyahara - withdrawal from the senses, intended to create full-body surrender, receptivity and an effortless openness to change. This workshop begins with a light asana practice to open, ease and help to bring stillness into the body, as well as a brief explanation of Sankalpa - our heart's deepest desire - and its role in the Yoga Nidra practice. The practice itself is a series of guided visualization and relaxation techniques which will move you beyond the conditioned mind into expanded states of consciousness and self-awareness. Please dress in layers, bring a journal if you'd like, arrive on time and on an empty stomach. Register Below.

 When Gross Anatomy meets Subtle Anatomy! With Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

Saturday, March 28, 10:00-12:00 noon, Cancelled

Learn the difference between the 2, and how your body adapts and heals. Muscle anatomy and myofascial patterns will be explored in Asana and floor work. All levels invited!
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International Yoga/Meditation Retreats
Peru- May 9-16, 2020
Scotland – June 12-19, 2020
Ireland – June 20-27, 2020

  Recharge in the Energy of the Andes
May 9-16, 2020
Yoga, Meditation, & Andean Spirituality Retreat in Peru

Last Chance with MMY!
Explore the Sacred Valley of Peru through majestic landscapes, hiking and rich biodiversity, while deepening your Hatha Yoga & Meditation practices and absorbing the energy of the culture and ancient sites including the magnificent Machu Picchu.

Click here for all the details...peru_highlights_for_2020.pdf

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National Parks to Islands

June 12-19, 2020

Yoga, Meditation, & Adventure Retreat in Scotland


Explore the rich biodiversity of Scotland from National Parks to Islands through hiking and kayaking amongst majestic landscapes while deepening your Hatha Yoga & Meditation practices. Click here for more infoScotland_highlights_for_2020.pdf


Celebrate Summer Solstice in Ireland

June 20-27, 2020

Yoga, Meditation, & Adventure Retreat


Celebrate Summer Solstice exploring National Parks and Islands and the rich biodiversity of Ireland – the Emerald Isle - through hiking, boating and biking while deepening your Hatha Yoga & Meditation practices. Click here for more infoIreland_highlights_for_2020.pdf

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