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Margaret Strom, E-RYT, is nationally certified and the owner/director of Mountain Moon Yoga. She has a B.A. in Psychology and completed graduate school in Natural Resource Management. The yoga spark was ignited 20 years ago and has been burning ever since. Margaret has been teaching for 16 years and uses her knowledge of asana and human physiology to guide students to that place of comfort and peace within their own body. She combines her background in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Viniyoga with gentleness and compassion honoring each student’s strengths and challenges.

Lisa Bornfriend first experienced yoga for college credit and quickly discovered the benefits in both the mind and body. It has helped her deal with stress, find her breath, quiet her mind, and strengthen her body. Attending Margaret's yoga classes since 2008, Lisa jumped at the opportunity to earn her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Mountain Moon Yoga in 2015. Regular yoga practice has helped her connect with her breath, mind and body on and off the mat, and has inspired her to help others do the same.

Sarah Fey,RYT, completed her 200 hr Teacher Training at Mountain Moon Yoga in 2015. She loves yoga and want to share the experience with others.

Cathy Franzese found Yoga in 2009 while studying Sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her fascination with the ancient teachings and its ability to quiet the mind, increase awareness and reveal our inner wisdom inspired her to pursue a 200hr YTTC in Guatemala with School Yoga Institute. It was there, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, that her dedication to the practice and a desire to share its gift had been ignited. Since then, she traveled to India for 3 months of intensive studies in Yoga Therapy and the Iyengar method with Sharat Aurora and Usha Devi. Their teachings have shown her the path to finding freedom in the subtle body by practicing proper physical alignment and by understanding the delicate balance between effort and ease in each asana. She teaches an Iyengar-inspired Vinyasa flow, encouraging students to be present, to accept where they are in the practice and to observe without judgment. The journey of self-discovery through yoga is a gift, a life-long practice, and she is honored to share this gift with others.

Sarah Jackson warmly welcomes all levels of students to her classes. Her clearly guided practice will lead you towards higher self-awareness, a deeper sense of strength and ease, and inspire you to move with grace both on and off your mat. Sarah recently completed her 200 hr. teacher training at Kindness Yoga Collective in Denver after more than 10 years of study and practice.

Debbe Knutson discovered a friend doing yoga in her backyard in Grand Lake many years ago. She collected books on yoga and tried some classes as her family grew into their own lives. Once the Yoga Journal fall conference came to Estes Park, Debbe has been able to expand her knowledge and sample various styles of yoga, with an emphasis on modifying asana to accommodate all body types and physical ability. She believes in exploring the basics of yoga, whether you are a beginner or have previous yoga experience.

Molly Lucido - Yoga is a beautiful gift that has inspired Molly to allow space to go inside and reveal what is True. For her, yoga has become moving meditation as it is not so much which poses we choose but how we let them shine in our fullest expression of them. When we are connected to our breath as we move through the asanas we create space for self-love and growth. Gentle, steady breath is so important as it is the guiding force that welcomes a loving relationship between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Currently, Molly is studying the numerous ways we can use sound to heal ourselves and others. As her truth continues to unfold, she reflects, "Our bodies are beautifully constructed instruments so why not play them in tune? Expressing our soul's sounds, letting old stories of past pain release with sound, and connecting breath with organic movement through yoga are some of the ways we can bring our bodies back into beautiful, loving harmony."

Gaylene Ore, RYT, has been a yoga student with a dedicated practice for eighteen years. She became a certified yoga teacher to enrich her practice and share with others. Yoga provides a stress-free and calming environment that allows Gaylene’s life to flourish. Her classes emphasize on the breath, safety, alignment and a sense of well-being.

Tracie Peterson
is originally from rural Minnesota, but has spent the last five years studying, working and traveling to various parts of the world. In 2010, she relocated to South Korea and taught English, and in 2012 she further advanced her teaching career by becoming certified in Hatha Yoga while traveling in India. Since then, she has practiced a variety of yoga styles that have helped her form an unique and invigorating Hatha flow.

Heather Pilaroscia’s passion for yoga was ignited when she first stepped on the mat with Margaret at Mountain Moon Yoga. It is for this reason that she is both humbled and honored to be teaching at Mountain Moon. Heather received her 500 hour certification under Indira Kate Kalmbach in Costa Rica, from July 2013-July 2016. After sustaining some severe sports related injuries, she discovered a new side of herself and her yoga practice she didn't know existed; this is why she loves bringing the practice of yoga to others. It undoubtedly has lifelong physical benefits; however, she hopes to take students beyond that, using the postures as a vehicle to uncover the power and potential within us all. Her classes are a grounding combination of anatomical awareness and vinyasa flow, with influences from the yin yoga tradition.

Sue Seemann completed her 200 hour yoga teaching training in May of 2014 through the School of Yoga Institute (SYI) in sunny Troncones Mexico! Sue is a veteran ACE certified fitness instructor expanding her love of fitness into the yoga community! Sue is beginning her journey teaching yoga and sharing her love and passion for yoga with others, she loves all forms of yoga including Vinyasa and Hatha style yoga. Sue is known to switch up her classes weekly using all kinds of props and methods to make every class interesting. With her group exercise background and knowledge of anatomy, Sue’s classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness with modifications given as needed. Come join Sue on her yoga journey!

Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones is an international movement educator and author, an Advanced Pilates and E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher Trainer, as well as a movement specialist, Kinesiology, Dance & Exercise Science Professor. Jo Ann has taught throughout the US, in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Prague, Costa Rica, and France. Believing knowledge of the body is a pathway to health and healing is the main focus in all workshops. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) and PAMA, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, IDEA Fitness, and a senior trainer through Yoga Alliance. Jo Ann has sold over 50,000 copies of her books on anatomy and movement!!

Casey Voigtlaender. After years of transformation through commitment to the practice, Casey is an E-RYT 200. She received her certification through the Shambhava School of Yoga, while living on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she began teaching students of all levels. Through physical alignment, establishing an inner connection, and maintaining mental clarity, Casey hopes to encourage others to use the many tools of yoga and meditation on their path to inner peace and happiness.