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Please wear comfortable clothing, arrive to class on time, come with an empty belly and
no heavy scents, cell phones or beepers. Thanks!


Hatha Yoga: Develop energy, core strength and flexibility through stretching, breathing and postures. Designed for a wide range of abilities.

Hatha Yoga/Meditation: Develop a strong, steady body and a strong, steady mind in this class combining stretching, breathing and postures followed by a meditation practice. For a wide range of abilities.

Gentle Yoga: Combining the practice of stretching and stillness, this class allows for asana and breath connection which seeks to integrate mind, body, and spirit. Class may include practice in pranayama, meditation, and/or chanting.

Yin Yoga: focuses on connective tissue through long holds working with the joints, tendons and ligaments. Great for beginners and all levels.

De-stress and Renew Yoga: Take time out of your busy life to relax and rejuvenate. Learn techniques to restore your body and mind to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Great for beginners and all levels.

Hatha/Flow Yoga: Greet the day and your body and mind with this combination of stretching, strengthening, and balancing poses connected to your breathing in both flowing and holding sequences. For all levels.

Empower and Peace yoga: A series of awakening poses in the first half will be complimented with Yin/Restorative poses in the second half using props to support the body so muscles and mind can relax. Great for beginners and all levels.

Yoga Basics: Learn the basics of yoga to build strength and feel longer, looser and more relaxed. Great for beginners and all levels.

Yinyasa: The best of both worlds. Begin with Vinyasa flow and burn through energy while warming up muscles, then allow yourself to sink into the yumminess of Yin poses and let the tension & stress melt away.

Flow/Vinyasa Yoga: Based on the energetic vinyasa style of poses flowing with the breath. Previous experience recommended.

Power/Ashtanga Yoga: A rigorous workout derived from a dynamic set of postures and focused breathing techniques. Previous experience recommended.

Deepen Your Practice: A 90 minute Sadhana, or spiritual practice, designed for anyone inspired to understand and experience the vastness of Yoga a little deeper. We will discuss the philosophy and sacred texts, use props, partners and subtle body awareness to support our asana, and practice pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra. An offering for the curious! Some yoga experience recommended.

Broga – Yoga for Men Only: This beginner class will be a little bit slower focusing on tight hips and over used torso’s. The practice is simple, informative, light-hearted and fun open to all men!
55+Yoga with Props: For anyone starting a yoga practice or building on their current practice that wants to age gracefully. We will focus on the benefits of yoga for balance, flexibility, reducing stress, improving mental focus, clarity, energy and vitality.


Pilates with Props: A workout that will leave you feeling strong, lean & energized. Challenges all levels utilizing stability balls, Pilates ring, weights and/or foam rollers! The focus of Mat Pilates is strengthening the core while incorporating the whole body so that postural symmetry, flexibility, joint mobility, muscular strength & endurance are all results.

Pilates/Yoga Fusion: This class incorporates the strength training of Pilates with the meditation and stretching of yoga, to create a well-rounded mind and body workout. For a wide range of abilities.

For more general information about yoga, please visit the Yoga Glossary

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