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Please wear comfortable clothing, arrive to class on time, come with an empty belly and
no heavy scents, cell phones or beepers. Thanks!


Hatha Yoga: Develop energy, core strength and flexibility through stretching, breathing and postures. Designed for a wide range of abilities.

Hatha Yoga/Meditation: Develop a strong, steady body and a strong, steady mind in this class combining stretching, breathing and postures followed by a meditation practice. For a wide range of abilities.

Hatha Yoga with Sound: Mindfully move your body embracing your unique expression of the poses while Tibetan Singing Bowls leave you feeling relaxed and fluid. Great for beginners and all levels.

Yin Yoga: focuses on connective tissue through long holds working with the joints, tendons and ligaments. Great for beginners and all levels.

De-stress and Renew Yoga:
Take time out of your busy life to relax and rejuvenate. Learn techniques to restore your body and mind to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Great for beginners and all levels.

Empower and Peace yoga:
A series of awakening poses in the first half will be complimented with Yin/Restorative poses in the second half using props to support the body so muscles and mind can relax. Great for beginners and all levels.

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga:  
Explore alignment principles, breath techniques and yoga philosophy building on your foundation of basic postures. Previous experience recommended.

Yoga Fundamentals: Take time to move and stretch while learning mindfulness through longer holding poses as you work on alignment and creating space. Great class for beginners and all levels.

Yoga for Skiers & Snowboarders: A dynamic flowing & stretching class designed to enhance your performance on the mountain. Our focus will be on leg strength, core stability, balance, and keeping our mental energies in the groove. All levels.

Yoga for the Outdoor Athlete: This alignment based flow will bring balance to athletes of all types. Designed to develop strength and flexibility in the body, while creating focus and calm in the mind for increased performance. All levels.

Groove/Flow+Yin: Vinyasa flow style class—including sun salutations, standing poses, dynamic stretching, and pranayama (breathwork). Creative sequence combined with fun music, all while exploring energy and fostering greater self-awareness. This practice will build strength, aid balance and reduce stress. The last 15-30 mins of class will be dedicated to Yin/Restorative/Meditative practice!! All level class, modifications can be made for all!

Rhythm in Balance:
Embrace the connection between movement and breath in sync with upbeat music. Flow dynamic poses together with fluidity like a dance. All levels, previous experience a plus but not necessary.

Flow/Vinyasa Yoga: Based on the energetic vinyasa style of poses flowing with the breath. Previous experience recommended.

Power/Ashtanga Yoga: A rigorous workout derived from a dynamic set of postures and focused breathing techniques. Previous experience recommended.

Align and Flow: Teaches the basics of a safe yoga practice as well as how to utilize props to bring each posture to optimal alignment. A deep connection between the breath and movement in these classes gently tunes students into their body, offering insight into control and stability. For a wide range of abilities.

Restorative Yoga: Designed to combat the negative side effects of busyness. By intentionally creating stillness in the body restorative yoga cultivates the perfect environment for quieting the mind and relieving stress. Great for beginners and all levels.

Yoga Fundamentals:
Move and stretch while learning mindfulness through longer holding poses as you work on alignment and creating space. Great for beginners and all levels.

Intro to Meditation: For those looking to develop or deepen their practice of meditation, this series will start with basic meditation tools and build on your skills so that you will have a foundation to incorporate into your daily life. Suitable for all levels, including those who have never meditated.


Pilates/Yoga Fusion: This class incorporates the strength training of Pilates with the meditation and stretching of yoga, to create a well-rounded mind and body workout. For a wide range of abilities.

Winter Sports Conditioning: Be the athlete that doesn't need a break because your legs are too tired to continue! This class is designed to keep you in shape and prevent injuries for all your winter activities. Beginners to advanced welcome! Work on strength, balance and core in a way that you are comfortable with!

For more general information about yoga, please visit the Yoga Glossary

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